Norwegian met Robert in Stockholm!

Side2 is a Norwegian entertainment internet-page. They met Robert in Stockholm and here is the article, translated by me. It's not very long, but hey! It's Robert Pattinson we are talking about. Haha, I must say he should stop talk like that about himself. We've seen him dancing in Twilight and Water for Elephants.. Don't worry Rob, it looks great! Hope you understand the translation and that it's readable. Well, here it is!
STOCKHOLM (SIDE2:) Robert Pattinson is soon to be seen in the fourth «Twilight»-movie «Breaking Dawn - Part1». We met the actor in Stockholm.
Low self-esteem
In addition to being a successful actor, Pattinson can play the piano, guitar and he can sing. He composes his own music, and two of his songs are soundtracks in "Twilight".
Is there something this man can't do?
- The question is if I can do any of it at all.. I don't think I'm good at anything, he says to Side2.
Hates to dance
Despite the modesty, he admits something else he says he's worse at.
- One thing I absolutely can't do, is dancing, I can't dance at all. That's the only thing I get embarrassed for, he says.
- Would rather be shot.
He claims that he just looks stupit on the dancefloor.
- I can say anything to anybody, gladly in front of an huge audience. But I'd rather be shot than dance, he laughs.
haha... Oh Rob.. you funny guy!  No idea why it's so short and.. only about his so-called "low self- esteem".. Maybe he sharmed the journalist to much ;)
Link to the article:
Feel free to share the translated article! :)
Hugs Victoria /vickan2 

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